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Boris Johnson: ‘Thank you to Christians who prayed for me when I was ill with COVID-19’

The Prime Minister seized the opportunity of the National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast meeting on June 30 to thank Christians who prayed for him when he was ill and hospitalised with … Read More

Leader of a group protesting for the United States to ease its coronavirus restrictions finds herself infected with COVID-19

Audrey Whitlock is the event organiser of a North Carolina group calling on the state to ease its coronavirus restrictions. Ms Whitlock has been unable to attend recent rallies because … Read More

What would the Pope say? What would Jesus say? What do you say?

Kim Kardashian disregards conservative dress code as she slips into a revealing off-the-shoulder white lace cut-out dress during visit to the Vatican. 40-year-old billionaire, with millions of Twitter followers, Kim … Read More

EU is forced to backtrack after trying to replace the word ‘Christmas’ with ‘holiday’

The European Union tried to ‘cancel Christmas’ after telling staff to avoid the word in favour of ‘holiday period’ because it is more acceptable and less offensive to non-Christians. The … Read More

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