Leader of a group protesting for the United States to ease its coronavirus restrictions finds herself infected with COVID-19

Audrey Whitlock is the event organiser of a North Carolina group calling on the state to ease its coronavirus restrictions. Ms Whitlock has been unable to attend recent rallies because she tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the news station WFAE, Ms Whitlock, who is in charge of the Facebook page of ReOpen NC, was under quarantine for two weeks after testing positive for coronavirus.

Whitlock said: “I remained in isolation/self-quarantine at my home per the direction of my county health department. I have not attended any events for ReOpen NC.”

While the event organiser was in isolation, the protest group held two rallies in Raleigh, the state capital, demanding North Carolina Governor, Roy Cooper, to lift the stay-at-home rule, which is in effect until May 8.

At the time of Testify Newspaper went to press, ReOpen NC was still planning to hold another rally outside Raleigh’s Legislative Building.

Whitlock first revealed her coronavirus diagnosis in a private post on the group’s Facebook page.

“As an asymptomatic COVID19 positive patient (quarantine ends 4/26).” While she was recuperating and in self-quarantine, Whitlock started protesting on behalf of other COVID-19 patients. She said: “Another concern I have is the treatment of COVID patients as it relates to other infectious diseases. I have been forced to quarantine in my home for two weeks.”

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