Testify Newspaper is a monthly publication with attention-grabbing news, current events, highly informative articles, rib-cracking humour, sports and advertising. It is printed on tabloid-style newsprint, with sensational and heavily illustrated news report.

With news and information which may affect the Christian community and service providers to the Christian sector, Testify appeals to people of different faith or religious backgrounds. The publication style is more of a general-interest with a wide variety of stories relating to lifestyles, from family to finances; career to Christianity; from sports to many other social issues that affects the readers.

Testify Newspaper has a rapidly growing web-based alternative, circulated via email shots.

Do you want to catch up with the news headlines using your mobile phones, tablets or laptop while unwinding in bed or in transit anywhere?

Well, you can with Testify eNewspaper. This device gives you access to a complete, interactive replica of the print version of Testify – including every article, features, advert and photograph. Whether you’re at home, work or on-the-go, your Testify Newspaper will never be further than a click away!

Testify Newspaper is distributed free-of-charge to community organisations in London, especially at churches, bookshops, local libraries, local businesses and municipal offices. In addition, it is available to commuters through a selection of train stations and street markets in London.

If you wish to advertise your events, products or services please do not hesitate to contact us via our email at media@testifynewspaper.com or directly by phone on 020 3475 8554 / 020 8320 1144.