Christiana, Enhanced Support Worker

Many people who work in adult social care join the sector because they were inspired by people they know. For Christiana, it was her mother. During a busy Christmas period in her mother’s domiciliary care organisation, 16-year-old Christiana offered to lend-a-hand and cover some shifts. She fell in love with the work and decided to continue volunteering until she was 18.

While working in domiciliary care, Christiana completed on-the-job training, learned how to complete risk assessments and worked closely with councils. The experience she gained from this helped secure her a role with a care organisation that supports those with learning disabilities. Within this role, Christiana applied the skills and knowledge she had previously developed to help run an activity centre that provided a safe and relaxed space for young people and adults with learning disabilities to socialise with their friends, gain independence and go on outings.

Christiana has now moved on to be an Enhanced Support Worker for an organisation that enables young adults with difficult pasts, to develop the skills and confidence they need to live independently.

Having seen the positive impact that she can make to the lives of others, Christiana is determined to pursue a long-term career in adult social care. One of the ways she plans to do this, is by fulfilling her ambition to eventually run a service that incorporates therapy, dance, acting and other creative activities to really inspire residents to achieve great things.

As a young Black woman, it’s important for her to ensure she is positively representing her culture and background in the sector. “I’m young and relatable, and this helps my care recipients to open up as they know that they won’t be judged,” says Christiana. “When young Black service users talk to me, I know they’re also more comfortable as there’s so much about their experiences that they know I’ll instinctively understand.”

Christiana feels that her work in adult social care has made a huge difference in her life for the better and made her appreciate what she has. She is clear that her work has helped her become the person she is today, and she is excited about her future career.

“If you’re open minded, insightful, organised and want to bring positive change to people’s lives, then this is the job for you,” she says. “It’s a meaningful job – I’m constantly busy and learning. It’s also good for my mental health. I appreciate my life so much more.”

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