Coronavirus respects nobody

Coronavirus does not care if you are Cristiano Ronaldo, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, or Usain Bolt. It respects no one. If anything, everyone must learn to respect it. Ronaldo, the Juventus forward, tested positive for coronavirus after playing for Portugal against Spain in Lisbon, and against France in Saint-Denis last week.

Ronaldo was seen greeting Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud after the match in Paris
During the game against France, Ronaldo was seen shaking hands with a number of players, including PSG’s Kylian Mbappe. Chelsea’s Olivier Giroud also embraced Ronaldo at full-time, and France player, Eduardo Camavinga swapped shirts with the Portugal star and later posted to say that he ‘wouldn’t wash it’.

Four days earlier, Ronaldo played in a friendly against Spain in Lisbon, embracing a teammate and shaking hands with his manager after his second-half substitution.

Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted shaking hands with PSG’s Kylian Mbappe
during Portugal’s game with France
Portugal’s Jose Fonte and Anthony Lopes had already tested positive since the international break started, but it is not known whether Ronaldo was infected by them.

It does not matter who you are, footballer or Olympic gold medallist, the coronavirus does not care.

When Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt, tested positive for coronavirus, the virus did not care if he was an eleven-time world champion. Bolt, who is widely considered to be the greatest sprinter of all time, now knows that coronavirus is equally great. Although Bolt may be a world record holder in the 100 metres, 200 metres and 4 × 100 metres relay, coronavirus didn’t care about all when the retired athlete tested positive after his birthday party in Jamaica in August.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a lot of respect for COVID-19 after he was admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital in London days after testing positive in April.

Donald Trump refused to wear a face mask and did not respect the virus back in February when he said it was just a flu and would go away. He repeatedly eschewed masks, criticised others who wore them and held large rallies with unmasked supporters against the advice of public health professionals amid the public health crisis. In March, he said: “And we’re prepared, and we’re doing a great job with it. And it will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.”

Now, the US president has a lot of respect for coronavirus, so much that he wears a face mask most of the time. After contracting the virus in October, he said, “I beat this crazy, horrible China virus.”

Have you heard of the saying “God is no respecter of persons?” It simply means God shows no partiality. You can say that coronavirus is the same. COVID-19 does not fear or respect anyone.

UNESCO Director-General, Audrey Azoulay said “Viruses know no boundaries,” and indeed that is very true. Coronavirus is no respecter of any person or place.

According to Azoulay, we must respect the virus by demonstrating and sharing best practices, information & knowledge.

One of the best practices is to keep your distance and avoid mass gathering, both of which is almost impossible for a footballer like Ronaldo. The 35-year-old is said to be “doing well, without symptoms, and he is in isolation.” According to the Portuguese Football Federation (PFF), who confirmed in a statement: “Following the positive case, the remaining players underwent new tests, all with a negative result, and are available to Fernando Santos for training in Cidade do Futebol.”

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