Pope’s Instagram account appears to ‘like’ a model’s photo

The judges and juries are out. The questions and debates have started. Here are some of the comments: “Why should a religious leader in the position of the Pope ever want to look at or ‘like’ a model’s picture?”

“Maybe someone hacked into the pope’s Instagram account just to smear his name?”

“Religious leaders should be careful because their accounts can be hacked.”

“What on earth is wrong with the pope liking a model’s Instagram page? After all, Jesus was not ashamed to talk to a woman (The Bible described her as: ‘Caught in the very act.’ He told her ‘go and sin no more.’”

“Do you really think an 83-year-old (man-of-God) would have any interest in a young model?

Natalia’s picture liked by
Pope Francis’ Instagram and 114,953 other people.

Natalia Garabotto is a model whose picture was uploaded and shared on her Instagram page on October 5. The picture in which she wore a figure-hugging shirt and very short schoolgirl skirt was said to be liked by Pope Francis’ Instagram account.

While it’s extremely unlikely that the head of the Roman Catholic Church runs his own Instagram page, liking a model’s photo is a very controversial matter. Perhaps, this might encourage religious leaders to be cautious with their social media accounts. Whether the pope liked the photograph or not, it shows you how vulnerable anyone can be on the internet.

The pope has almost eight million Instagram followers, so it is inevitable someone was going to use that exposure opportunity to match-make him with a model just for a sensational headline.