Pastor makes public apology for wrongly prophesying that Trump would win the election

A Church leader who prophesied that Donald Trump would win a second term at the recent US election said he was humbled for getting it wrong. Kris Vallotton, the senior minister at Charismatic Church Bethel, apologised about his false prophecy.

He issued his apology in a video posted on his social media platform. He said, “Good morning, Kris Vallotton here. First of all, I want to congratulate President Biden and to tell him that I will be praying for him, (as I did for President Trump, President Obama, and President Bush. All these years I have been praying for presidents), I pray for your success and the success of our country…

But secondly, I REALLY WANT TO APOLOGISE FOR MISSING THE PROPHECY ABOUT DONALD TRUMP. I prophesied that Donald Trump would win another term, and I am completely wrong. I take full responsibility for being wrong. There’s no excuse for it. I think it doesn’t make me a false prophet, but it does actually create a credibility gap. A lot of people trust me, trust my ministry and I want to say that I am very sorry to everyone who puts their trust in me. And that this [the false prophecy] was a major, major mistake. I want to say I’m sorry.

I’m going to look into the reason for the disconnection in what I heard, and I have always believed that when you make a public declaration and you get it wrong, you have to make a public apology.

I am always disappointed when I see prophetic people make big promises and make excuses why it didn’t come to pass, like God changed His mind…

I’ve always said that if I ever get a prophecy wrong, I will apologise for it. I will be accountable for it, and It is obviously humiliating. I am not mad because Biden became president. I am very very humbled that this happened in my ministry.”

Pastor Vallotton made the retraction video shortly after the November election, but due to claims that there may have been a significant amount of discrepancy in the election process, and subsequent court cases filed by Trump’s campaign team to challenge the result of the election, the pastor took down the video. Now, with the congress affirming the result of the Electoral College which declared Joe Biden as the winner over Trump, Vallotton re-uploaded his apology video.

Pastor Vallotton added that it was his first time making an apology for a wrong prophesy. He said, “I never had to make a public apology for a bad prophetic word that I’d given. This is the beginning of me cleaning up my mess. I think that going forward, we need to do the best we can to support our president. The Bible talks about praying for our presidents [leaders]. We don’t have to agree with him. We don’t have to agree with our public leaders, but we are required by God to pray for our leaders, to uphold them and pray for their success.”