Churches may be hit by ban on mass gatherings as a result of Coronavirus

Churchgoers in the United Kingdom may be excused from attending Sunday services as the Coronavirus crisis deepens. The United Kingdom may adopt the same strategy of the Irish government who has recently placed a ban on all types of mass gatherings.

According to new guidelines issued in Ireland, all church gatherings are limited to a maximum of 100 attendees.

As a result, large congregations with more than 100 people are no longer allowed to hold.

The ban will hit many services, including weekday services, Vigil and Sunday morning services.

In the next few weeks or months, non-essential gatherings in the UK may be put on hold unless the coronavirus pandemic subsides. The ban on mass gathering may also affect attendance at funeral services, parties, wedding ceremony and many more mass gatherings.

In Ireland, weddings and baptisms are already limited to 100 attendees.
Churches in the UK may resort to smaller church programmes such as Home or Cell Group meetings where the number of attendees is much lower in the next few months.