• Tomorrow is too late, yesterday is over and NOW is the right moment so START
  • Couple see “Jesus”  in their baby girl’s  ultrasound scan
  • The purpose of an obstacle is to instruct, not to obstruct
  • Church of England swap offering basket for contactless card  donations
  • Royal Mail features  ‘life-saving Bible’  on postage stamp
  • Trump and his top  officials take refuge in weekly prayer and Bible study classes
  • Israel deports South African Christian activists
  • Nigerian church rejects Pope’s choice of Bishop
  • Italian village pastor attracts people to church with free prosecco and crisps
  • Jewish extremist convicted of setting fire to a church in Israel
  • Kevin Hart tells Oprah about the surprise gift in the Bible
  • Going to Church helps you to live longer, says study
  • If you fall down, don’t stay down
  • Robots could replace pastors in the future,  as German engineers unveils ‘robot priest’ which deliver prayers in five languages



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