• Marry Harry?
  • Church of England swap offering basket for contactless card  donations
  • Royal Mail features  ‘life-saving Bible’  on postage stamp
  • Trump and his top  officials take refuge in weekly prayer and Bible study classes
  • Israel deports South African Christian activists
  • Nigerian church rejects Pope’s choice of Bishop
  • Italian village pastor attracts people to church with free prosecco and crisps
  • Jewish extremist convicted of setting fire to a church in Israel
  • Kevin Hart tells Oprah about the surprise gift in the Bible
  • Going to Church helps you to live longer, says study
  • If you fall down, don’t stay down
  • Robots could replace pastors in the future,  as German engineers unveils ‘robot priest’ which deliver prayers in five languages
  • Bishop: “Love your enemies” even after London terror attack
  • Is a clean home an expression of faith?


Marry Harry?

There has been many speculations since the announcement of Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan, because it is no ordinary royal engagement. The Bride-to-be, Meghan Markle brings something different to the British Royal Family. She is Americ... Read more


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