• Ibrahimović fights and win against the devil
  • If you fall down, don’t stay down
  • Robots could replace pastors in the future,  as German engineers unveils ‘robot priest’ which deliver prayers in five languages
  • Bishop: “Love your enemies” even after London terror attack
  • Is a clean home an expression of faith?
  • Growing fears that  celibacy is deterring  men from  pursuing ordination
  • Prince George is to attend a Christian school to learn to be kind
  • The  wall of  answered prayer
  • Press towards the goal
  • Christianity has an important role to play in  making Britain a country that works for everyone
  • “I nearly proposed to the wrong person  on Valentine’s day”
  • Going to Church helps you to live longer, says study
  • Kevin Hart tells Oprah about the surprise gift in the Bible
  • Where is God on your priority list?



Press towards the goal

Press towards the goal

Chelsea is on course to win the Premier League this season. At the moment, the Blues are the team to beat after some superb form under new manager Ant... Read more

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